We're bound together
by an assignment -
so deep and profound
that no fear can pull us apart.
I assure you, trust me.


Like most people -
we want to share
generosity and kindness,
because it have
a huge impact on
the very way
we see one another -
and how we reach out to
each and every one -
altogether; as a whole.


How can I ignore
your wonderfulness -
constantly in full blossom
as a stately flower.


The bright light
of the soul
has a profound
and has the potential
and capacity
to transform our
heart and mindset,
lifting us up
to a greater place
of understanding
and caring.


We need to speak up,
when injustice
is done to another human being -
or to a group of people
because if we're silent -
we participate silently
in wrongdoing.
Speak up.